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The Mike's method

Assess Investment Profile
We perform a simple pre-audit to discover your unique investment goals and risk tolerance.
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Get tailored recommendations and support for your investment journey based on your investment profile.
Suggest & Optimize Investments
Maximize your portfolio : we offer you solutions or optimizations that you can realize with Marco.

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adrien hardy

Adrien Hardy

After several years in the largest real estate companies as an asset manager, Adrien has managed several billion euros of real estate internationally. Investor but also adventurer, he leaves to travel around the world in 2019 to discover new cultures.

Indeed, his real estate investments give him the time to realize his dreams and to leave his permanent job.

He became an author following his journey through his book "Financing your dreams of adventure through real estate". A guide between real estate investment and travel. Sufficient to invest in your first property, it is aimed at beginners as well as adventurers who wish to get off the beaten track.

From this adventure and his book was born this desire to have an impact on others. So he created Algae with one goal in mind: to empower people and allow them to realize their dreams through real estate investment.

To go further, he develops his latest product: Alwin. A financial coach available 24/7 to answer the financial and investment questions of its users, to help them in their daily financial choices.