Algae is thrilled to announce he's Sponsoring Lords of the Ocean

At @algae_app, adventure is in our DNA and represents a core value while acting for a better world and environment 🌎
Algae is therefore very happy to announce that it is sponsoring Lords of the ocean alongside many other extraordinary partners.

Lords of the Ocean is an association of 4 friends discovering the world for the study of some marine species.  They are explorer-navigators who have crossed the Atlantic to raise awareness for the preservation of sharks 🦈 These enthusiasts are fighting to prove that sharks are not the great eaters of human beings and thus erase preconceived ideas. They do this through awareness and discovery videos on their specially created Youtube channel. 🎥 Lords of the Ocean

Adrien Hardy, the founder of Algae, who is very attached to the environmental cause, came especially to share the adventure with them for a few days. During the itinerary in Scotland, the team was able to meet local actors and experienced sailors with a similar goal as Lords of the Ocean, which is to raise awareness about animals and the environment.
It was a unique experience that reinforced their interest in the preservation and protection of nature. As an indication, the explorers of this adventure have left everything to do this one. Former managers or other positions of responsibility, they dropped the suit for the watch jacket. This is similar to a desire to escape and live a nomadic life, similar to the investors at Algae who can invest in real estate via Tokenisation while being at the other end of the world.

Adrien took videos throughout this journey in order to document this superb adventure. We let you discover this video which offers a desire of escape.

Be sure to check out their latest episode! 🎥 Lords of the Ocean

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