FAQ WebSummit 2022

Top 12 Questions !

WebSummit 2022 is over and... it was INCREDIBLE 🔥

Great meetings, crazy projects, great speakers ... a 4-day rally filled with opportunities!

We had a booth (the A235) on Thursday, November 3rd.

From 8:30 am to 6:30 pm, the visits follow one another and do not stop, it's great!

Different types of people pass through the stands:

- VC
- Customers
- Partners
- Investors
- ....

The questions are flying by, so we thought it would be interesting to answer the ones that have been asked the most in this article!

What is tokenization ?

Creating a numerical value of a physical asset. Take for example a physical array. I can create a token (the result of tokenization) of this physical array, on the blockchain. This token will have all the information of the physical array, as well as its uniqueness. Everything is secured on the blockchain.

Which blockchain does Algae use ?

We are using the Polygon blockchain.

Algae is using the Polygon Blockchain - 2022

Do investors really own property ?

When a property is purchased, Algae is the owner. Thereafter, investors own a portion of Algae, which owns the property.

How do I actually make money ?

Algae invests in co-working, co-living or eco-hotel. These properties will be rented, and will therefore have rent. The investors will touch each month a part of this rent proportional to their investment.

Moreover, if the property is resold afterwards and a capital gain is realized, then it is divided between the investors.

The interest you receive each month can be reinvested to multiply your earnings over the long term through the magic of compound interest.

Can I sell my share at any time ?

Absolutely, on our secondary marketplace.

Algae wants to make the real estate market liquid, that's why you can buy or sell your shares in 3 clicks.

What form do the tokens take ?

Algae tokens are ERC-1400 (security token).

In which countries does Algae want to develop ?

At first here, in Portugal.

Later, France, Dubai, Spain and Estonia.

What are the advantages of investing via the Algae platform ?

When you invest in a property on Algae, you have different accesses in it.

In a coworking, it will be possible for you to work several hours for free.

In a co-living, discounts on your nights spent on site

What are the benefits of owning the NFT Explorer ?

NFT Explorer holders (1000 only) will have:

1- private tours of the properties

2- access to Algae's private events around the world

3- access to the Algae Education platform to learn about real estate and the Web3 for free.

NFT Explorer - Algae - Real estate tokenization

What is the price of the NFT Explorer ?

The price of the NFT Explorer is 40€ for the first 200.

It will be 600€ for the last 800.

Where can I buy the Explorer ?

You can get your Explorer on this page: https://mint.algae-app.com

You can then pay with cryptocurrencies or with a credit card.

Where can I learn more about the history of Algae and its founder ?

You can discover Adrien's story, his experience in real estate and his adventures around the world that led him to create Algae: https://livre.fnac.com/a15486553/Adrien-Hardy-Financer-ses-reves-d-aventure-grace-a-l-immobilier

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