How can we fight against inflation ?

Prices are soaring, your purchasing power is in free fall.

What remedies against inflation in 2022?

The figures are in. The consumer prices in August 2022 have increased (again). Indeed, they have undergone a rise of 0.5% compared to the previous month, and 5.9% compared to last year, against 5.8% initially expected (

Among the figures that explode we have:

- Food: +7.9%

- Energy: +22.7%

- Transport: +15.3%

In view of the current figures, the Ministry of Economy revises its expectations for the year 2023.

The CPI (Consumer Price Index) forecast was +3.2%, it increases to 4.2% after revision ... You will have understood, prices are increasing in all sectors. As the macroeconomic situation is not favorable to a decrease in prices, it is essential to protect one's capital. The basis of investment, before making gains, is to protect one's capital. Several opportunities are therefore available to you.

Over the last 20 years, the average annual return on the yellow metal is 8.7% compared to 3.2% for the Cac 40 and 1.8% for the Livret A. ( These figures demonstrate once again the importance of investing to fight against inflation approaching 6% in France in 2022.

But better than gold or the stock market, real estate seems to be the best long-term investment to protect its capital.

Real estate remains the best long-term investment. In fact, over the last 15 years, real estate is on the top of the podium. With yields ranging from 8 to 10%:

- Shops 10.7%

- Offices 8.4%

- Logistics 8%

With an inflation around 6% in 2022, real estate remains a safe way to protect its capital, with an average annual return of over 6%. But classic real estate can require long and tedious steps, as well as huge amounts for most French households.

This is why we wish, at Algae, to democratize the real estate investment by making it accessible to any citizen, and this, from 10€.

By investing in a share of a real estate, your capital fluctuates in 2 different ways:

- You each each month a part of the rent which returns to you as an investor (dividends).

- The average annual return of the real estate market being in constant rise since years, your share of the property has great chances to see its value increase during the next years. Knowing that you are free to resell your shares at any time, the figures show it well.

Inflation destroys your purchasing power year after year. It is thus necessary for you to protect your capital, and this by investing it in a field whose average annual return is higher than that of the inflation (6% in 2022 for recall).

Protect your capital > make gains

In view of the current conjunctures and on a long-term horizon, the investment in the stone seems to be the safest.

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