How to create your NFT and sell it easily?

Do you have a creative mind, are you passionate about new technologies and want to sell your work in an original way thanks to NFT? We explain how to do it in just 4 steps.

Ready to go? Let's go!

1. Choose a blockchain for your NFT

The first step is to identify the blockchain on which you want to "mine", i.e. register your NFT by having it verified and time-stamped. A blockchain is a global database that is secured by a system of decentralisation.
It is thanks to blockchain technology that cryptocurrencies came into being.
The most widely used blockchain for selling NFTs is Ethereum.
However, there are other blockchains that allow NFTs to be issued, such as Binance Smartchain, Flow, Tron or EOS.

2. Have your own wallet for selling your NFT

Before you start, you need to add money to a digital wallet (Crypto Wallet) from which you can spend.
OpenSea uses Ether, a crypto-currency, which you will need to purchase. Think of it as an arcade. You come in and want to play games. But before you can play the games, you have to buy tokens.
Same idea here, but the chips are called Ether. Instead of buying several tokens, you will probably start small, with fractions of Ether. As of 08 March 2022, a single Ether was worth about 2,348 Euro.

So, back to that digital wallet. OpenSea suggests using a plug-in for the Chrome browser called MetaMask. OpenSea also supports many other Crypto Wallets (Bitski, FortMatik, WalletConnect, WalletLink, Arkane Network, Dapper, Authereum, Torus ).

3. Create your NFT

There are now many sites where you can create NFTs and then sell them. Among the best known are :
- Opensea
- Rarible
- Mintable
These sites are therefore a kind of online digital art shop, where transactions are carried out in cryptocurrency. The rates offered to create an NFT vary and the fees applied are different. Rarible is the platform that does not charge network fees to create an NFT. 

4. Selling your NFT

You will need to research each NFT marketplace to find a platform that suits your NFT. For example, Axie Marketplace is the online shop for the best NFT game Axie Infinity. NBA Top Shot is a marketplace focused on basketball. It is also important to note that some marketplaces require their own crypto-currency. Rarible, for example, requires Rarible.

OpenSea is usually a good place to start. It allows you to mine your own NFT, and it is a leader in NFT sales. The NFT marketplace sold $3.4 billion worth of NFT in August 2021 alone.
After selecting your NFT marketplace, you will need to connect it to your digital wallet. This will allow you to pay the fees necessary to mint your NFT and hold any sales proceeds. You will then simply upload your NFT to the site and choose a price, which can either be a fixed price or a starting price for an auction. We recommend that you start with a fixed price.

Unfortunately, the costs of creating and selling an NFT can be expensive and confusing. Depending on the platform and price, you may pay a registration fee, an NFT creation fee, a commission on the sale, and a transaction fee to transfer money from the buyer's wallet to yours. Fees can also fluctuate due to the volatility of crypto-currency prices. For this reason, it's important to look closely at the costs you'll have to pay to mint and sell your NFT to make sure they are worth it.

Note that currently there is no specific legislation, in 2021, regarding the declaration of NFT sales in France. So you don't need to declare your NFT sales today

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