The 10 best Cowork in Lisbon


You are a digital nomad and you are willing to work in Lisbon needing a friendly cowork space ? This article is for you. If you already knew that Lisbon is ranked as the best as « executives nomads » city before Miami and Dubai, you will find in this Lisbon cowork’s rank a couple coworking spaces that makes this town very attractive place to work from.

Before we give you our rank and our preferences, here is some information that you should take into account that could help you to come over in Lisbon. First, Portugal is third Ranked safest country in the world with a great quality of life thanks to his good purchasing power. It is not complicated to come in Lisbon, espacially because the capital of Portugal is a main airport hub and became closed to the biggest European capitals such as Paris, London, Brussels and Berlin. It is a popular destination because of the hot weather and for being closed to the beach.

Even if the city has become a large coworking hub, it also has become a steadily growing startup scene and a crypto fintech-friendly space. For the crypto professionals, you will be happy to know that Lisbon is a good Web3 environment.


1)  Blue Green Lab

Located at rua Carvalho in Araujo in the vibrant trendy area between Anjos and Arroios quarter, this cowork space in lisbon is ideal for the coworker needing a large space with a tech and crypto-friendly mood. Additionnaly to the well-designed and natural spirit of the space, the digital nomads coming from all over the world will feel confortable in this area : Bagel restaurant, high frequency network, events, yoga slots… You name it.

Indeed, it is our best choice of cowork in « Lisboa »

Blue Green lab cowork lisbon algae app crypto token

Membership starts at 150€ per month for a hot desk.


2)  Second home

Two step away from the tagus, this cowork is located in the city center of lisbon above the Time Out market. If you enjoy being surrounded by flowers like being an adventurer in a jungle, this is the place ! The large light-filled cowork space can host big events with their dedicated event spaces. In addition, Second home offers several locations across Europe.

Second Home cowork lisbon algae app crypto token

Membership starts at 235€ per month for a hot desk.


3)  LACS

Getting 3 locations in the area of Lisbon, the one that will interest you is LACS Anjos. Being located in the crowded area of Anjos, the cowork has a central location. The space has a strong point of being open 24/7. If you are not an early bird, you will enjoy start working there at the time you wish. In addition of the event space and meeting room, the cowork is equiped with a rooftop.

LACS cowork lisbon algae app crypto token

 Membership starts at 120€ per month for a flex desk.

4)  Village Underground

This old dock has been retransformed with his containers to create a work and live-style space. It is considered as the most « underground » one where you will work in a cosy street-life area. The community is mostly filled of artists and creatives. However it is a bit far from the center but you will have no inconvenients to find yourself confortable in this friendly space.

Village Underground cowork lisbon algae app crypto token

Membership starts at 150€ for a hot desk.


5)  Heden

Having multiple location in Lisbon, these places are known for having the best connections. The trademark is based on sustainability principles, making the places suitable and peacefull. It is a creative space where you can find locals and travellers.

Heden cowork lisbon algae app crypto token

Membership starts at 250€ per month for a hot desk.


6)  Hood

In the area of ex-factories in the north west, Hood cowork space have rehabilited the place in a large space of work. You will be amazed of this place of tech and modern environment where a friendly community will welcome you. As matter of fact, the place is not really nearby the city center but you are really close from the tagus !

Hood cowork lisbon algae app crypto token

Membership starts at 150€ per month for a hot desk.


7)  NOW Beato

Being one of the cheapest coworkspace of Lisbon, NOW Beato got itself installed in a very old building of the town. Every kind of package sought are welcome : you will find hot, fixed, private studios, duo private studios… The cowork has an artisitic interior design with a retro touch, inresting place if you need inspiration.  

NOW Beato cowork lisbon algae app crypto token

Membership starts at 100€ per month for a hot desk.


8)  A Dama rosa

A Dama rosa is a cowork space created couple years ago which spreads good vibes to the coworkers. This cowork space is located in the well-know quarter of Bairro Alto. It is an ex-inhabited big house which can host big events thanks to a big rooftop with a view on the whole city. According to the founder of the place, A Dama Rosa have been created with the desire to give entrepreneurs, startups, country managers, freelancers and remote workers a unique place to work and meet people in Lisbon.

A Dama Rosa cowork lisbon algae app crypto token

Membership starts at 219€ per month for a hot desk.


9)     Cura Dura

Cura Dura have been recently transformed by an appartment into a cowork place which has the particularity to be very cosy and friendly. The cowork place located in the city center of Lisbon closed by Intendante station is very peacefull and quiet. You can easily work outside of the building on the terrace. Another advantage is the cheapest price that the cowork offers.

Cura Dura cowork lisbon algae app crypto token

Membership starts at 100€ per month for a fixed desk.



10)  Spaces work

Finally, we also recommand Spaceswork located in Marques de Pombal. This cowork has a huge space in front of the park Eduardo VII and the Avenida da Liberdade avenue. Dispatched on 9 floors, it offers many services such as a gym, showers, meeting rooms and let the coworker the availability to park his/her car. On your lunch-break, you can also enjoy the sun from the park, which has a big view on the city.

Spaces Work cowork lisbon algae app crypto token

Membership starts at 160€ per month for a hot desk.



As you understand, there is a long list of choices in term of coworking places in Lisbon for the taste and the budget of everyone. This is “the” place to be for the digital nomads because of the great cowork environment that you will find in Lisbon not to mention the great quality of life that enhance the willing to come over in this beautiful city. We hope this article has helped you to take a decision or pushed you to another step that will make you come.



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