What accommodation for digital nomads?

The world is changing, and there is a need for flexibility, which has been accentuated by the Covid-19 pandemic. In this article, we'll look at some tips and tricks on travel accommodation and more specifically where to live as a digital nomad.

Today I am in the Azores on the island of Sao Miguel, it is a beautiful wild island! For fans of greenery, it's paradise, currently staying in a small Quinta surrounded by fruit trees like guava trees!
As you know, I've been travelling for more than 2 years, taking my time and staying in the same places for a long time in order to better immerse myself in the places and the culture of the country. Being a digital nomad gives me an incredible feeling of freedom! I don't think I'm going to do this for the rest of my life because it can be good to have a bit more stability at some point, but for a certain period it's really great! And I think that when you're young, you might as well enjoy it! And not only that, because I met families with children who had also adopted this lifestyle.

Until now, the majority of digital nomads were mainly freelancers or self-employed who work online often in IT, marketing, design, coaching, or in crypto-currencies like for example the founder of Etherum, Vitalik Buterin!

But the Covid pandemic and the fact that companies are more accepting of telecommuting has made a lot of people who usually have a more traditional permanent job want to try it too and take the opportunity to leave the big cities and work while travelling - or travel while working. This explains the trend and the growing number of digital nomads in the world. Through this video, I wanted to share some advice based on my experiences on how best to live and experience telecommuting (as some call it) and which places to choose!

1/Finding the right place

Choosing the right location is the most important part when you are planning to book a perfect place for your stay. There are a few important points you should keep in mind when selecting a place for a comfortable and optimal stay.

It depends on what you are looking for in your nomadic experience, is it mostly spending time with the locals or more spending time with other like-minded nomads? By the way, tell me in the comments because I'd be curious to hear your opinion!
Personally I tend to prefer to be with locals to discover the culture of the country, why not learn a new language but I also like to alternate and join communities of other nomads, why not work on common projects, share our knowledge and also have fun ;) I talked about this in a previous video, about my experience in Caparica!

According to these criteria, the place you choose should be suitable for work, have activities to do in the surroundings and all the basic amenities to have a good stay.

You can do your research on the Nomadlist.com website to find the perfect place for you.
Whether it's price, cost of living, climate, etc.
Here are some of the necessary points and criteria you should keep in mind:

Climate: in general, digital nomads are looking for sunshine and pleasant temperatures, but it's up to you!

Landscapes and pleasant surroundings:
Whether it is the sea or the mountains: beautiful beaches, friendly people, etc.

Internet speed

As a digital nomad, it is essential to have a good internet connection.
Depending on the quality of the internet, your productivity and efficiency at work will differ.

If you have to participate in video calls and meetings in zoom mode, the internet connection must be flawless. It is also important to find quiet places. I personally like to go to cafes but sometimes it can be quite noisy!

A good accessibility, not too far from transport, is also judicious according to your wishes not to lose too much time in the displacements. You didn't leave the Paris metro to waste more time in transport?

2/Hosting types

A digital nomad is used to finding a perfect balance between work and passion. There are different options where you can stay and enjoy your work and travels without any hassle or interruption. Let's look at some of the ideal accommodation options.

First of all, to find suitable accommodation, there are a few specific platforms that list accommodation dedicated to nomads such as Anyplace , nomad stays or floasis!

Of course Airbnb too, I talked about it in my previous video, which is increasingly encouraging medium term accommodation to enhance the nomad experience.

What accommodation for digital nomads

1. Coliving spaces

Born on the West Coast of America in the mid-2000s, coliving has been growing rapidly in recent years. Inspired by coworking - shared work spaces - coliving offers much more than wi-fi and coffee: it also offers a place to stay. It's coliving on a grand scale! Some are looking to offer a complete experience for digital nomads, such as

- Selina
I've been to several like in Panama in Bocas del Toro or in Portugal.
They offer accommodations adapted to nomads mixing mix with always a coworking and often swimming pool or other activities.

- Outsite
This is also a Coliving and community around the world for remote workers. Designed for creatives, these spaces offer the best of both worlds with a private room but also shared coworking spaces and access to their partner discount benefits which include a number of interesting services for nomads such as travel insurance but also fitness and leisure activities.

- Sun and co
This amazing co-working space is located in the historic and architectural city of Javea, Spain. You can enjoy panoramic views of the Mediterranean while making a work call and what could be more fascinating than that? You can book your rooms a month or two in advance as they are usually packed with freelancers and remote workers.

2. Nomad Retreats

If you want to be left alone, have everything organised for you, and meet great people, then an organised remote working holiday may be for you.

Nomad Pass
Nomad Pass offers retreats for remote workers around the world who want to work outside of their usual space, but who want a place to work in a beautiful and unique setting.

Nomad Pass focuses on creating a community, knowing that remote working can be a lonely situation without the usual access to colleagues. They also cater for teams looking to have a working retreat together. This is ideal if you don't have the time to organise accommodation and want something simple to try. There are several organisations that do this such as:

Remote Year
Offering week-long retreats or 3-12 month adventures with other remote workers, Remote Year is ideal if you are new to the lifestyle or just want to spend time with like-minded people, with no pressure in terms of destinations or accommodation.

You will literally see the world while working and have nothing to worry about. You'll also have access to training and workshops to develop your skills while you're on the road.

The nomad escape

This is a unique staycation option where you can travel from place to place while enjoying camping. It is perfect for adventure lovers who like to have fun and are looking forward to meeting new people. You can choose to be part of their fun team for a total of 21 days. The whole trip can cost you around $1000. This is the best option to organize and optimize your professional life. You can learn and share experiences with other travellers and getaways.

3. Glamping

There are new atypical places that are developing such as glamping, which take the form of cabins and reconnect with nature.

Like Getaway
Getaway has proven that "disconnection" sells, launching more than 200 cabins located in 12 different outposts across the United States. The company has created a new category in hospitality and has proven that the model can scale with high occupancy.

Based in Australia, Unyoked has made progress with 16 well-designed cabins nestled in the wilderness. The startup's website to raise A$1.2 million in 2019 through crowdfunding.

Here are some ideas of destinations I recommend as a digital nomad!

Kota kinabalu

In Asia, we often hear the merits of Chiang Mai in Thailand or Bali which are very popular for digital nomads. To name a city that is a little less known and enjoy the Asian culture, I would say Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia. It's less touristy than cities like kuala lumpur or penang and yet the quality of life can be incredible and there are plenty of activities to do in the area like climbing Mount Kinabalu which I did in 201x or diving in the area!


San Juan del sur, great waves for surfing
And you can discover the beautiful country
Less expensive than costa rica and more authentic in my opinion
Tree house, huts in the trees

Mexico City (san cristobal de las casas)

Beautiful chiapas region
Coworking spaces
Lots of activities such as boxing in the city
Beautiful landscapes in the area


I spent a month there before coming here, it's a beautiful island.
More and more rural and neglected villages are trying to be revitalized by attracting nomads, that was the case here in Ponta do Sol. Personally, being from the countryside in Normandy, I like to spend time in remote villages as it was the case here!

Cape Verde

I loved Zanzibar, the heavenly waters, the problem is that the internet connection there is not great so I really want to discover more of Africa, that's why I'm going to experience Cape Verde in October

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