What is Algae ?

ALGAE’s mission is to democratize real estate in a hybrid mix of Decentralization and Centralization putting the power of the investors decision making back into their hands. Algae do this by solving the liquidity issues forever plaguing the real estate market giving more access to the traditional investment world that previously only the elite had access to.

Digitizing Assets are the key to the future of traditional assets as we approach a more online centric world. With the onset of covid access to the internet has been more prevalent than ever with people from all types of job backgrounds having to work from home.

ALGAE wants to provide real estate investment opportunities in a compliant manner through the digitization of assets as well as crowdfunding. No longer are we limiting investments to “Wall Street” we can now bring them to “Main Street”.

The ALGAE ecosystem will bring a new way for retail and accredited investors to access borderless investment worldwide with a higher potential liquidity through the secondary markets.

Algae is the first End to End Real Estate tokenization ecosystem built from top to bottom that supports investors, developers and the secondary market.

For traditional property and REIT investments you can only sell to local markets. Given their size of investment, it’s not easy to find liquidity. Tokenizing solves the liquidity problem by allowing fractional ownership by lowering the investment minimum giving more investors access to the investment. By being on the blockchain, investors are given the ability to trade on digital exchanges that operate globally 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The algae solution :

2.1 Real estate digitization and blockchain solutions

The ALGAE platform is agnostic in what types of real estate investments that are allowed on. Each project will do their own due diligence and legal structuring along with the help of the expert resources at ALGAE. The team consists of many industry experts that can handle any situation that the project or investor needs.

Tokenizing real estate assets on the blockchain provides the ability for secondary trading on digital exchanges, which helps facilitate a cross border open market for 24 / 7 trading of real estate security tokens. Fractional ownership reduces barriers to entry and lowers costs. Allowing more retail investors to participate in real estate markets that were previously closed to non-accredited or UHNW individuals.

ALGAE securities exchange built on blockchain, allows for a secondary market to offer higher liquidity for project investors that allow for near instantaneous transfer of assets through the blockchain. The blockchain offers safe, secure and transparent transactions that are controlled by smart contracts and not by human hands.

2.2 Cater to Consumer Risk Appetites and Preferences

ALGAE solutions on real estate portfolios means that investors can pick their own portfolio in terms of type of real estate (residential, industrial, commercial or hybrid), region, risk versus return profiles and exit timing. ALGAE puts the power back into the investors hands.

2.3 Global Portfolio and Storage of Value

ALGAE already has a pipeline of confirmed projects and deal flows, it will continue to collaborate with real estate developers to digitize their projects. Investors would be able to take less risk by spreading their investments into a global portfolio of real estate that may not have been accessible in the past. Real estate investment has traditionally been a good store of value and provides opportunity to increase your return on equity. Digitization of real estate assets through security tokens, adds an extra edge compared to traditional real estate investments.

2.4 Crowdfunding

ALGAE helps to fractionalize real estate to make it more accessible to the general market. This allows access for everyone to invest in real estate without over leveraging their own cash holdings. This allows for small investments across a broad portfolio of real estate which reduces the risk of losing capital.

2.5 Decentralized Finance and Governance (DeFi)  

Algae puts the investment power back in the investors hands. Not only providing liquidity in the secondary market, it will be allowing a semi decentralized form of governance that allows investors as the ALGAE token holder to make decisions as a collective instead of being controlled by a central organization. Holding ALGAE Tokens will give investors the right to stake tokens for a percentage of profit generated by the ALGAE platform, which will be paid in digital currency. By simply holding the ALGAE token in your wallet you will be given incentives and access to exclusive real estate deals and the earliest price. ALGAE will work with partners to provide collateralized loans from physical real estate assets on the ALGAE platform.

2.6 Real Estate Securities Exchange  

ALGAE will operate a fully licensed real estate focused securities exchange for secondary market liquidity. This will allow the Algae's team to create more liquidity for investors and allow projects to raise capital through retail on the secondary market directly. The license allows for ALGAE to complete the full ecosystem allowing investors and projects to live within the ecosystem of ALGAE products.

The Exchange will also be able to help certain projects that meet criteria to raise funds directly through a Security Token Exchange Offering (STEO). STEO will allow project owners to sell equity directly on the exchange.

2.7 Faster Monthly Dividend Payouts

Traditionally real estate funds pay dividends quarterly to yearly. ALGAE will offer monthly dividend payout to its investors that back certain projects. The team negotiates deals with real estate developers that allow the team to guarantee rental returns for 1-3 year which is directly paid to the investors.  

2.8 Lower Fees and Faster Transactions

By processing transactions through the blockchain ALGAE will help investors and clients reduce fees drastically while increasing efficiencies of the transactions process. We reduce fees by removing middle men and selling real estate directly to users of the platform. Our transaction process takes minutes versus days and months which reduces costs to developers and investors alike.

In conclusion, Algae helps people to invest in real estate starting from little amount. It is a secured investment wich the Algae's team has previously and cautiously analyzed. It creates a financial security and the liquidity allows exchange on the secondary marketplace.

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Algae is the first European platform that democratizes real estate investment.