Why "Algae" ?

What means Algae ?

Coca-Cola, Mercedes, Decathlon... do these names ring a bell? Of course they do.
You hear them every day and their names are familiar to you.

The name of a company or a start-up is not to be taken lightly.
Indeed, it will follow you - almost (we will come back to this later) - throughout your entrepreneurial adventure.

It must convey a message, an emotion or even a vision to anyone who hears it.
Your potential customers must understand your positioning (Algae), your field of expertise (Mr Bricolage) or the services you offer from the first time they hear it (VistaPrint).

Choosing the first name that comes to mind is rarely the best idea.

Here's a simple technique to see if your business name works:

  • Choose a name
  • Ask people around you what they think of this business name (without saying it's yours 🙂

If their answers appear diverse and varied, then it is potentially not the ideal name. On the contrary, if the responses fit around common terms, then you are on the right track.

The choice of name is so important that some companies have made it their speciality and area of expertise. Ranging from €1,000 to over €200,000 (https://business.lesechos.fr/directions-marketing/marketing/branding/0301015455804-combien-coute-un-nouveau-nom-317066.php) it is all the more necessary to use these services when you are tackling the global market. Otherwise, some unpleasant surprises may appear abroad... (https://www.enekia.com/noms-de-marques-ridicules-a-letranger/)

Let's turn to our name, Algae. Why Algae and how to pronounce it.

First of all, as you may know, Algae was created after a world tour by our CEO Adrien Hardy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dMaeo35NFY).
Inspired by this enriching experience and in close collaboration with nature and the environment, Algae was born.

But what does it mean?

🗣 Algae - \alg\ - fem.

  • Algae are the connections made between several elements to form a single entity
  • They give the idea of expansion and enlargement
  • They are the symbol of nature and respect for the environment
  • Resilient and adaptable, algae are a key element of the environment

That's it. Algae is all this.

Linking real estate to investors, to allow them to increase their portfolio, to give them the possibility to travel and to discover new horizons.

Investing in Algae is about becoming financially resilient.

While contributing to the decarbonisation of the planet by positioning itself on eco-responsible goods.

As Sadhguru says "For the planet to stay alive, somehow, there must be a maximum of photosynthesis on the planet", with Algae, this is part of our mission.

Learn more about how real estate can finance your dreams of adventure: https://www.amazon.fr/Financer-rêves-daventure-grâce-limmobilier-ebook/dp/B08NQ2DWZJ/

Your ultimate goal? That your name becomes an antonomasia! A what?!!

AN-TO-NO-MA-SIA is when your brand name is so well known, it becomes a common name!

Some examples: https://literaryterms.net/antonomasia/

But also Kleenex, Tampax, Frigo...

The Algae logo, and more precisely its design, is inspired by several things. Firstly, the colour, a gradient of green. Green for the colour of algae, and the gradient to show a phase of movement between your current situation, and the one you are aiming for, freedom.

Our logo also symbolises the letter "A" for Algae, but also a roof, reminding us of the property market.

The whole gives our current logo, replicating in white but also in black.

Algae's logo, invest in real estate from 10€ with tokenization


If your name stems from a personal experience it's even better.
Your company name can then become part of the construction of your storytelling.

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